ActivTrades Review: Is ActivTrades A Good Broker For You?

Moreover, ActivTrades prioritizes client fund security by maintaining segregated accounts, ensuring a distinct separation from the company’s operational funds. For those seeking an added layer of service, managed accounts are also part of the broker’s bouquet. However, traders should be aware that ActivTrades currently does not accommodate US traders. This broker touts competitive spreads, ensuring cost-effective trading, especially enticing for those mindful of the bottom line. Adding layers of assurance, ActivTrades is underscored by stringent regulatory frameworks, offering an enhanced safety net for its clientele.

Additionally, all account representatives are trained and encouraged to take an exam. While a UK phone number is not available, there is an English support desk. Traders are allowed to change their account’s leverage levels after registration. For this test, we opened an MT5 Individual account with ActivTrades Europe SA, regulated by Luxembourg’s Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). We went through the entire process and completed it digitally.

  1. Therefore, I can say that after four months from the start of trading I was able to withdraw my first profit via PayPal.
  2. A new client on the ActivTrades website can test his trading skills with virtual money worth £10,000.
  3. The next step is to sign-up for a live account (or an Islamic account).
  4. It is common for brokers to ask about investing experience so they can tailor their products to you appropriately.

Gauge your unique trading aspirations, techniques, and risk appetites against what the broker presents. After all, the alignment of a trader’s ambition with a broker’s offerings crafts activtrades review the blueprint for trading success. Delving deeper, instrument-specific insights further fortify traders’ decision-making arsenal, elucidating nuances of specific tradable assets.

Spread Charged in our Trades

These charges are not applied to index and commodity instruments. An inactivity fee of £10 per month will kick in for any accounts with a remaining balance not used for over a year. Having tried various platforms all starting up with amounts to start up then followed by an instant request to upgrade in the most dishonest way being asked to pay more. So daunting is also when they ask for commission before withdrawal, these requests don’t stop they keep coming one after the other and then all of my investment was lost. Luckily chargebacksecured com helped me recover all of my funds back in the most professional manner. However, we could not trade shortly after our initial deposit, but the issue was resolved quickly after contacting the support team.

ActivTrades acknowledges the necessity of on-the-go trading by offering mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. The apps maintain functionality without sacrificing essential features, offering real-time charting, trading execution, and management wherever traders find themselves. When I decided to write this review I wanted to list some of things I don’t like about this company. But then I thought about it and decided that I wouldn’t do that. Broker provided me with excellent conditions and in addition I had opportunity to use useful analytics and training videos for free.So I decided that this would be positive review. The affiliate CPA structure at ActivTrades rewards their affiliates/partners based on their residential countries.


You need to take several trading courses, practice trading on a demo account and then it will take several years of hard work on a real account to become a professional trader. I tend to forget all of the other trading instruments available on the platform. I almost exclusively trade the forex pairs, and this is the perfect platform for it. I cannot tell you exactly how good the other trading instruments are, but the conditions for the forex pairs are excellent. If you ask me about their trading conditions, I wouldn’t say that they are the most competitive ones you can find in the market.

It automatically helps me to set support/resistance levels quicker without any need to bother about it. I additionally use other indicators which aren’t custom, but PP is undoubtedly helpful. I presume dynamic leverage is something that is utilized for risks mitigation. Trading volume goes high, the leverage automatically goes down, that’s how the mechanism work.

ActivTrades Pros and Cons

Positions can be opened and closed in seconds and there is a decent level of account management and analysis supported. I decided to think about it, although I had no experience in trading on the foreign exchange market. I surfed the Internet and asked some feedbacks about ActivTrades. At the beginning, I was getting some training, and I was getting a lot of help.

Account Opening

Potential traders must note that thorough research is a must before they decide which broker to trade with. Most brokers offer a bunch of security features for the protection of clients’ information and their money. While there are plenty of similar brokers or investment companies like ActivTrades, very few brokers are regulated and licensed under a leading regulatory authority. To be able to trade efficiently with ActivTrades, it is important to have a clear understanding of how the platform works, its trading tools, and the financial markets it offers. Clients should make sure that they make the most out of the education and research tools offered by ActivTrades.

Trading Conditions

Notably, ActivTrades refrains from imposing a mandatory initial deposit, making the account initiation phase more accessible to a wider range of aspiring traders. As a client at ActivTrades, users can earn cashbacks on the trades they place, with additional interest on the unused margin balances of up to $1 million. ActivTrades brokers pay interest on the average free margin requirements during a month. Users can also view their notional traded balance and their acquired rewards in their Personal Area once they place their first trade. Existing users can refer up to four friends in a year after which the referrals are reset again for the next round.

Together with ActivTrades I reached…

Day traders and swing traders may choose to focus more on technical analysis, which would involve using various graphical indicators such as moving averages and Bollinger Bands. Medium to long-term investors will likely need to incorporate some fundamental analysis into their strategy. Details of overnight swap rates can be found in real-time within the ActivTrades investment platforms.

The broker’s SmartTools suite offered via the MT4 platform consist of seven unique add-ons that transform the MT4 platform into a superior platform. Retail individual traders should use this tool to get an edge in the markets. ActivTrades allows its clients to make withdrawals via the same payment methods available for deposits making it easy for investors to access their funds. ActivTrades’ clients can deposit funds into their trading accounts via bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and e-wallets such as Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. Another good word should go to the ActivTrades support service. Since client service won numerous awards and the main aim of the offered education system is to keep traders up to date with new features, technology developments, and market trends.

It’s been quite an experience, and here’s what I can say about it.-As a regular user of ActivTrades, I’ve found the platform to be quite user-friendly. The interface is easy to understand whether you’re new to trading or have been doing it for a while. The variety of assets available for trading, such as stocks, forex, and commodities, offers a good range to choose from.-On the other hand, I feel a few things could be better. While the research tools and educational materials are helpful, I think they could be more detailed.

ActivTrades is an excellent option for day traders with ultra-fast execution speeds, very low spreads, no requotes and a choice of superb trading software. Conclusively, ActivTrades has meticulously curated its deposit and withdrawal process, positioning it as a trustworthy and efficient broker, ensuring monetary operations are least of the traders’ worries. ActivTrades unveils a suite of tools seamlessly integrated into its platform, seeking to amplify the depth of traders’ market comprehension. Push notifications, for instance, maintain traders’ vigilance, promptly updating them on market volatilities or account fluctuations. To distill market direction, the platform has embedded trend exploration tools that grant users a lens to discern emerging market trajectories.

Another disadvantage is that the broker operates an offshore entity and there are limitations on currency types allowing only major currency funding. From the review above, education and customer support are the main priorities in ActiveTrades. This broker is suitable for traders who prioritize these two aspects. The company also has an FCA regulation that strengthens its reputation as a reliable broker.

The broker used to host in-person seminars before the coronavirus pandemic struck. We found the ActivTrader platform to be best suited to manual traders, while traders who use automated strategies might prefer the MetaTrader 4 & 5 platforms, which are a better fit. However, the platform does not support automated trading and is only available as a web trader. Traders can execute most trading strategies as the broker allows high-risk strategies such as hedging and scalping.

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