Secondary Sales Visibility Solution​

InSales - Digitize Large Field Operations

Stock & Database

  • Database of Distributors, Dealers, SRs, and Outlets
  • Stock in, Stock out, Stock count
  • Intelligent Inventory Analysis
  • Stock return & rotation

Smart Visit & Sales

  • GPS based Route design & tracking
  • Instant invoice printing & confirmation
  • Restriction on False Order & Unproductive Calls
  • Intelligent Order‐Taking, Delivery, and Collections

Real‐Time Integration

  • SAP Integration
  • SMS & Email Integration
  • Responsive dedicated web portal for Dealers
  • Individual Mobile App for SR and Territory Manager

Schemes & Discounts

  • Performance Analytics
  • Introducing Trade Offer
  • Promotional materials usage survey
  • Anytime Modification or Withdrawing

Collection & Banking

  • Credit Collection
  • Auto Bill Submission
  • Non-Sale Visit Tracking
  • Inventory Balance Report

AI Based Reporting

  • Remote Task Assignment
  • Brand, Category, SKU-Wise Report
  • Task fragmentation with Sub-Tasks system
  • Task reports with automatic progress management

Track Your Sales Force

Boost your sales optimising resources

The ultimate Secondary Sales Automation & Management software developed by Inovace Technologies, one of the latest tech startups in Bangladesh. in Sales is to help companies to understand the order

pipeline considering the stock at the various levels, create pull at the retail level, manage secondary sales and produce/procure and distribute according to the market’s exact requirements.

Why InSales?

Keep a close watch on area wise/distributor wise/product wise Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sales in the market.

Get an eagle eye view on the daily sales data, Weekly Reports, Primary Vs Secondary Report, Graphical views for representing large amounts of data in user-friendly formats.

Real-time Secondary sales data from the field, option to import the closing data using the files received from the stockiest. Facilitates online stock adjustment, thereby decreasing manual work and increasing the precision of sales forecasting.

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