The global consolidation wave in 5 charts

After combining all similar items, the next step is to attribute the net profit or loss and other comprehensive income to the parent and the non-controlling interest. There are many advantages to combining two or more business entities together. In accounting, to consolidate means to show the financial results of a group of firms. Specifically, to show them in one set of figures, instead of showing each one separately. In business, the verb ‘to consolidate’ can mean to strengthen a company’s position.

  1. Although the company sought a dominant position in the market, it needed to be critical and selective in its acquisitions to ensure positive business results.
  2. Maintaining this macro stability environment is crucial, as other aspects tend to align subsequently.
  3. These statements typically include a consolidated balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, and a statement of changes in equity.

Specifically, the combination of companies that formerly dealt with or competed with each other, or that potentially could have. When it comes to financial trading, understanding market behaviors is key. Among these behaviors, the concept of market consolidation stands as a critical phase that traders need to master. With the forces of supply and demand in balance, this equilibrium period offers invaluable insight for crafting strategic and successful trading plans. In trading, consolidation is a period when the price is moving sideways and not making any significant advancement in the upward or downward direction.

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markets like a pro. Technical traders and analysts consider the phases of consolidation indecisive and warn traders to move with caution during it. Most describe movement during consolidation as sideways, without significant shifts in price.

Consolidation Breakouts

On the other hand, a distribution period follows a prolonged uptrend as institutional traders quietly offset their long positions and build up short positions to get ready for a downtrend. For example, if shares of Apple stock stay around the same price for several days or weeks, it can be interpreted as being in a consolidation phase. As you can see below, Apple’s stock price hovered around $147-$150 for several weeks until it finally broke past $150 and began trending upwards.

Because usually, market participants prefer to stay away before the announcement of the news release. We can draw using the trend line by connecting the peak points and valleys where the price is difficult to break. When you are intraday trading, consult trading software for dynamic updated to predict a breakout correctly. One can say that a stock is under consolidation when the following three conditions coincide.

How to Build and Profitable ATR-Based Advanced Trading Strategy with Python

As a beginner to the stock market, it may be hard to recognise some market patterns and trends essential for technical analysis. If you are considering to get into trading, it’s important to learn important aspects like consolidation in the stock market to sharpen your trading skills. Consolidation is taking place throughout the healthcare system at an increasing rate. Merging companies often tout benefits including cost savings and increased care coordination, but serious concerns about market power also need to be raised.

Support may need a mix of other technical analysis tools, such as VWAP, MACD, or moving average crossovers. During horizontal ranges, there are usually fake breakouts and crashes to deceive novice traders. Below, you can see that the market drifted sideways at the peak and that there were false breakouts to both the bottom and the peak. Therefore, waiting for a verified breakout in which the price truly closes outside the range is crucial. As a wave of mergers and acquisitions has swept the business world in recent years, more industries have come to be dominated by just a few massive companies.

To update this big event, we must to always check and monitor the forex calendar. Because it is difficult to get profit, we may will over trading to open buy or sell positions, even though the results are few. Traders use these upper and lower levels to make buying and selling decisions. Please note that by submitting the above mentioned details, you are authorizing us to Call/SMS you even though you may be registered under DND. We shall Call/SMS you for a period of 12 months.Brokerage will not exceed SEBI prescribed limits Disclaimer  Privacy Policy Any Grievances related the aforesaid brokerage scheme will not be entertained on exchange platform.

Industry consolidation as a strategy: an acquisition program perspective

As a general rule, the more consolidated an industry becomes, the more challenging M&A becomes. Because of the value that can be generated by consolidating each of these industries. It is software; for around 40 years now, Microsoft’s Windows (previously DOS) has occupied the hard drive of every personal computer in the world. A moving market will create a type of structure with a higher high (swing high) or lower low (swing low), where the trend will continue to push the market to a new high or low. This happens with the possibility that the big traders who are hedge funds have received leaked news that will be released, so they have taken an early start.


Consolidation periods can occur in any timeframe, ranging from minutes to years, depending on the investor’s perspective. The length and pattern of the consolidation period often depend on the market’s psychology and can influence future price movements. By this point, if you’ve analyzed all of the above steps, it’s likely that you are ready to buy in.

It is important to know that consolidation can be a pause in an uptrend or downtrend, whereby the price would still resume in the direction of the trend. However, it can also be a transition period, signifying the end of one trend and the emergence of another. For example, it could be that the trend is changing from a downtrend to an uptrend or vice versa. To put it simply, a consolidation can be a trend continuation formation or a trend reversal formation.

However, as also proposed by Long and Miao (2020), the market entry may also vary based on the product the company provides, as there may be markets for multiple qualities for different customer segments. Based on these views, it can be argued that an acquisition program should be implemented in the acquiring firm by the market entry time. The objective of this study was to enhance understanding of the strategies on how a company achieves a dominant position in a consolidating market by acquiring industry assets over a longer period of time. We, therefore, conducted a study of the telecommunications infrastructure industry, which could be described as oligopolistic, and we traced the journey of three case companies from the establishment to maturity.

Conversely, the resistance level is where the asset meets considerable selling interest, which may stop the price from moving higher. They provide a transparent, unified perspective on the group’s financial status, enabling investors, creditors, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions. While it may lead to cost-cutting and increased revenue, business consolidation does have a negative economic effect.

Descending Triangle 📉

Despite these upcoming elections, the market increasingly believes the central government will not only stay away from populism but maintain its path of fiscal consolidation laid out for two years. The market’s strong reaction post-elections reflects confidence not only in political and policy continuity but also in the avoidance of populism. And, I think, this bolsters the market’s confidence in the country’s ongoing macro stability.

Technical consolidation helps traders predict potential breakout points and make more informed investment decisions. It plays a crucial role in identifying the best moments to buy or sell securities. The consolidation phase is a fxtm review stage in the industry life cycle where competitors in the industry start to merge with one another. Companies will seek to consolidate in order to gain a larger portion of overall market share and to take advantage of synergies.

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